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Advanced Excel ERA TAC


Advanced Excel ERA TAC

Q.1.Which Of These Will You Use To Separate Data Into Multiple Columns Instantly?

Answer. Flash Fill

Q.2.You Will Get The Some Result If You Use The Fill Handle Or The Flash Fill Feature?

Answer. False

Q.3.Which Of The Following Is Not A Conditional Formatting Rule Category?

Answer. Left/Right Rules

Q.4.You Have The Marks Of 50 Students In An Excel Sheet. You Won’t To Highlight The 3 Highest Scores. Which Conditional Formatting Rules Should You Use?

Answer. Top/Bottom Rules

Q.5.You Have The Expense Figures For 12 Months. You Want Colored Bars Of Different Lengths Based On The Values To Be Displayed In The Cell. Should You Use Color Scales Conditional Formatting For This?

Answer. No

Q.6.When Icon Set Are Used For Conditional Formatting, Small……….Are Displayed In The Cells.

Answer. Graphics

Q.7.Data Bars Can Be Created In Both Left To Right And Right To Left Direction

Answer. True

Q.8.These Are Valid Data Bar Directions.

Answer. True

Q.9.You Can Use A Template To ……………………………………….

Answer. Create New Workbook With Elements And Formatting

Q.10.Excel Templates Are Stored With The Extension .Xltm

Answer. False

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Q.11.Custom Templates Cannot Be Based On Excel’s Ready-To-Use Templates.

Answer. False

Q.12.Custom Templates Must Include Custom Cell Styles

Answer. False

Q.13.You Can Add…………… To Your Worksheets By Using Form Controls

Answer. Interactivity

Q.14.You Cannot Insert Form Controls If The Developer Tab Is Not Displayed

Answer. True

Q.15.A Spin Button Control Is Used To Run Macros.

Answer. False

Q.16.Command Buttons Generally Have Macros Attached

Answer. True

Q.17.A …………Control Is Used To Increase Or Decrease A Value Within A Defined Range.

Answer. Spin Button

Q.18.A Group Box Organizes A Set Of Controls Into………………….

Answer. A Single Element

Q.19.If You Want To Add Some Descriptive Text Below An Element, You Need To Use This Control.

Answer. Label

Q.20.This Group In The Developer Tab Is Used To Insert Form Controls.

Answer. Controls

Q.21.You Have The French Dictionary Installed On Your Computer. If You Want To Proof In French, You Need Not Change The Display Language To French.

Answer. True

Q.22.To Check Spelling In Another Language, Select The Language In The

Answer. Dictionary Language Box On The Proofing Page Of The Excel Options Window

Q.23.You Can Group Columns Only. Rows Cannot Be Grouped.

Answer. False

Q.24.If A Group Is Hidden, It Can Be Redisplayed At Any Time.

Answer. True

Q.25.The Sum Function Allows You To Automatically Create Groups.

Answer. False

Q.26.A\An Outline Is A Hierarchy Of Groups That Allow You To Organize Your Worksheet

Q.27.You Can Create A Custom View To Save The Print Settings Of A Worksheet.

Answer. True

Q.28.If A Specific Row Is Hidden In A Custom View, You Can Unhide It Without Editing The View.

Answer. False

Q.29.A Worksheet Can Have…………….Custom View

Answer. Unlimited

Q.30.Your Worksheet Has A Table And You Want To Create A Custom View. Is This Possible

Answer. No

Q.31.In Order To Work Correctly, A Function Must Be Written According To Certain Rules Called……………..

Answer. Syntax

Q.32.A Function Argument Can Refer To A Single Cell Only.

Answer. False

Q.33.Which Of These Functions Are Listed Under The Logical Category?

Answer.1) And 2) If 3) Or

Q.34.The Auto sum Button Can Be Used To Serve The Same Purpose As The Sum Function.

Answer. False

Q.35.The Mode Function Returns

Answer. The Most Frequently Occurring Value In A Range Of Numeric Data

Q.36.If You Apply The Average Function Or The Median Function To Any Range Of Cells, You Will Get The Same Result.

Answer. False

Q.37.This Function Calculates The Payment For A Loan Based On Constant Payments And A Constant Interest Rate.

Answer. Pmt

Q.38.You Can Open The “Function Arguments” Window By Clicking

Answer. Fx

Q.39.The Match Function Searches For A Specified Item In A Range Of Cells And Returns The …….. Of That Item In The Range.

Answer. Position

Q.40.In The Match Function, The Match Type Argument -1 Indicates

Answer. Greater Then

Q.41.In The Match Function, The Match Type Argument -1 Indicates

Answer. True

Q.42.Function Can Be Used To Retrieve Information Such As Contents, Formatting And Size Of A Cell.

Answer. Cell

Q.43.The Vlookup Function Is Used To Insert Values In Vertical Columns.

Answer. False

Q.44.If The Iserror Function Is Applied To A Cell Containing An Error It Will Return

Answer. True

Q.45.This Function Returns The Current Date Along With The Current Time.

Answer. Now ()

Q.46.A Cell Contains The Now () Unction. Is It Possible To Get The Year, Month And Date Based On This?

Answer. Yes

Q.47.This Function Allows You To Extract A Substring From A String, Starting From The Left-Most Character.

Answer. Left

Q.48.The Formula =Right (A5, 4) Will Extract The Last 5 Characters From The Cell A5.

Answer. False

Q.49.The Len Function Returns The Number Of Characters In A String ………Space

Answer. Including

Q.50.The Trim Function Removes Extra Spaces From Text

Answer. Extra

Q.51.What-If Analysis Tools Allow You To

Answer. See How Change Values Affect The Outcomes Of Formulas

Q.52.……………. Work/S Only With One Or Two Variables, But Can Accept Many Different Values For Those Variables.

Answer. Data Tables

Q.53.You Want To Calculate Your Profit Based On Your Sales And Expenses Figures. Will Goal Seek Help You With This?

Answer. No

Q.54.You Have Calculated Your Profit Based On Your Sales And Expenses Figures. You Want To Know What Your Sales Figures Should Be If You Want Your Profit To Increase By 10 Percent Assuming Your Expenses Stay Unchanged. Can Goal Seek Help You With This?

Answer. Yes

Q.55.Scenarios Are The Same As Custom Views.

Answer. False

Q.56.Scenarios Are The Same As Custom Views.

Answer. True

Q.57.A Scenario Can Accommodate Up To 2 Variable Values.


Q.58.Naming The Cells Used In Building Scenarios Is…………


Q.59.Can You Merge Scenarios From Workbooks With Different Layouts?


Q.60.Merging Scenarios Creates Multiple Custom Views.


Q.61.You Have Updated Some Scenario Data. The Scenario Summary And Scenario Pivottable Reports Do Not Reflect The Changes. What Should You Do?

Answer.Recreate The Summary Repots

Q.62.Outlines Created In A Scenario Summary Report Can Be Used To Update The Report According To The Latest Data In The Scenario Sheets.

Answer. False

Q.63.Using ………….Makes It Easy To Examine A Range Of Possibilities On A Single Worksheet.

Answer. Data Table

Q.64.You Can Create Data Tables Using Maximum 32 Variables.

Answer. False

Q.65.An Area Chart Is An Enhanced Version Of A ………. Chart

Answer. Line

Q.66.In A Line Chart, The X Axis Displays ……… While In A Scatter Chart, The X Axis Displays

Answer. Categories

Q.67.You Cannot Create Stock Charts If The Data Is Not Organized Correctly

Answer. True

Q.68.You Can Use A Chart Template To Change The Chart Type Of An Existing Chart.

Answer. True

Q.69.You Can Make Background Areas In An Area Chart Visible By……………

Answer.Make Foreground Areas Transparent

Q.70.A Scatter Chart Plots The Values For ……… Variable/S As A Set Of Points On A Graph

Answer. Two

Q.71.This Is Not A Type Of Scatter Chart.

Answer.Scatter With Plain Lines

Q.72.Wireframe Contour Is A Type Of……………Chart.

Answer. Surface

Q.73.Stock Chart Can Be Used To Plot Stock Market Data Only And No Other Type Of Data.

Answer. False

Q.74.A Surface Chart Uses Colors To Distinguish The …………

Answer. Values

Q.75.A Bubble Chart Is A Variation Of A ………… Chart

Answer. Scatter

Q.76.……………… Chart Are Used To Emphasize Different Types Of Information In A Chart By Combining Multiple Chart Types.

Answer. Combination

Q.77.A Surface Chart Shows A ………………. Surface That Connects A Set Of Data Points.

Answer. Three Dimension

Q.78.A Surface Chart Is Useful When You Need To Plot….. Dependent Variable Against ……….Independent Variables.


Q.79.A Radar Chart Plots The Values Of Each Category Along A Separate Axis That Starts In The Canter Of The Chart And Ends On The Outer Ring.

Answer. Radar

Q.80.Can You Apply Conditional Formatting To Pivottables?

Answer. Yes

Q.81.When There Is A Change In Source Data, Use This Option To Update Pivottable Data.

Answer. Pivot Table Tools>Analyse Tab>Data Group>Refresh

Q.82.You Can Sort The Data In A Pivottable Like Regular Spreadsheet Data.

Answer. True

Q.83.Filters Applied To A Pivotchart ………The Related Pivottable.

Answer. Effect

Q.84.When There Are Changes In The Source Worksheet, Pivottables Update Automatically.


Q.85.Scenario Summary And Scenario Pivottable Reports Update Automatically If The Scenario Data Changes.

Answer. False

Q.86.If You Change The Data In The Source Worksheet, The Pivottable …………….Automatically.

Answer. Does Not Update

Q.87.You Cannot Create A Pivotchart Without Creating A Pivottable First.

Answer. False

Q.88.Slicers Can Be Used To ……….Pivottable Data.

Answer. Filter

Q.89.When You Conditionally Format A Pivottable, You Can Apply Rules To The …….. Of The Pivottable Itself So That The Formatting Accurately Responds To Changes.

Answer. Structure

Q.90.The Autocorrect Feature Needs To Be Turned On To Retrieve Versions Of Workbook Saved During The Current Session.

Answer. False

Q.91.To Be Able To Recover A Workbook, You Need To Have Saved It At Least Once.

Answer. False

Q.92.Cell Styles Are Saved With The Workbook They Are Created In.

Answer. Custom

Q.93.Is It Possible To Use A Custom Cell Style Created In One Workbook In Another Workbook By

Answer. Copying The System

Q.94.You Can Copy A Macro Created In One Workbook To Another Workbook Using The Project Explorer Pane. The Ribbon Option Used To Display This Is

Answer. Developer Tab> Code Group>Visual Basic.

Q.95.To Be Able To Copy Macros Between Two Workbooks, Both Need To Be Open.

Answer. True

Q.96.For The Merging Of Workbooks To Be Successful, Each User Must Use A Differently Designed Workbook.

Answer. False

Q.97.To Be Able To Merge Copies Of A Workbook, They Should Be Saved In A Different Folder From The Original Workbook.

Answer. False

Q.98.Password Details Of A Workbook Are Stored In The Metadata.

Answer. False

Q.99.To Be Able To Remove Password Protection, You Need To Know The Password

Answer. True

Q.100.You Want Users To Be Able To Edit Only Certain Parts Of Your Worksheet. Is This   Possible?

Answer. Yes

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