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Advance Tally ERA TAC Questions


Advance Tally ERA TAC Questions

Q.1      A Cost Centre Can Be Grouped Under Another Cost Center   


Q.2    You Will Find A Predefined Cost Category When You Enable   The Cost Centre Future In Tally Erp-9


Q.3    A Cost Center Facilities Three Dimentional Reporting Of Expenditure And Revenue Which Of The Following Is Not An Example Of A Cost Category

Answer:-Salary Wise

Q.4    The Sales Team Of The Company Began Customer Visits For Giving Demonstration Of Same Software The Company Provided Rs 2500 Towards The TrAnswer:-portation The Food Expenses Out Of This Rs 15000 Are Allocated For Gita And Rs 10000 For Sita Identify The Cost Centers And Cost Category For The Above Example.

Answer:-Employee As Cost Category Geeta And Seeta As Cost Center

Q.5    A Cost Category Facilitates Three Dimentional Of Expenditure And Revenue Which Of The Following Is Not An Example Of A Cost Category

Answer:-Salary Wise

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Q.6    From The Cost Category Summary Report Below You Can Understand That In This Company There Are ______ More Cost Categories Other Than Predifined Cost Ones

Answer: – 2

Q.7    Read And Understand The Reports Shown In The Image Below Now , Find Out The Total Expensess And For The Sales Department Cost Category Select The Correct Answer: -Option

Answer: – 2500

Q.8    The Cost Expenses Of Rs.40, 000 Is Allocated To ___________Cost Center. Refer To The Image Below To Identify The Cost Centre.

Answer: – Junior

Q.9    From The Cost Category Summary Report Below You Can Understand That In This Company There Are ______ More Cost Categories Other Than Predifined Cost Ones

Answer: –   2

Q. 10 Under _____ Method Interest Is Charged On Principal Amount Along With Interest.

Answer: -Compund Interest

Q.11 Refer To The Screenshot Below And Answer:-wer The Following Questions. The Interest Parameters Shown In The Above Figure Is Related To ___________ Interest Calculation Mode.

Answer:-Advanced Prameters

Q.12 The Interest Parameters Screen Clearly Shows Compound Interest Calculations.


Q.13 To Record Interest Income On Receivable Amount, User Need To Record Entry Using Voucher Class Under ________ Voucher.

Answer:-Debit Note

Q.14 The ______Interest Style Is Used For The Example Shown In The Above Screenshot.

Answer:-365 Days Years

Q.15 The Interest Rate Of 15.5% Shown In The Above Screenshot Is For Debit Balances Only.


Q.16 Refer To The Screenshot Below And Answer:-wer The Following Questions. The Screenshot Shown Above Is The _____________ Screen.

Answer:-Class Creation

Q.17   The Si Class Shown Above Is For Interest Calculation.


Q.18 The Example Shown Above Is An Example Of Class For __________.

Answer:-Simpe Interest Calculation

Q.19 For The Example Shown In The Above Screenshot, If You Set ‘Accounts To Be Treated As Compound Interest’ To Yes, Then The Simple Interest Class Will Calculate Compound Interest.


Q.20 In The Above Example, The Simple Interest Class Is Created In The Debit Or Credit Note To Enable Interest Calculation.


Q.21 To Activate Interest Calculation In Simple Mode Or With Simple Parameter From Gwt, Press _________ And Enable ‘Activate Interest Calculation ‘From Accounts Feature.

Answer:-F 11: Features

Q.22 To Activate Interest Calculation In Advanced Mode Or With Advanced Parameter From Gwt, Press F11: Features > F1: Accounts> Disable ‘Activate Interest Calculation’ And Enable Use Advanced Parameters.


Q.23 The Main Difference Between Simple Mode Interest Calculations And Advanced Mode Interest Calculations Is __________

Answer:-Simplemode Requires Minimum Configuration For Interest Calculation Where As Advanced Mode Is Used When Interest Rate Changes Periodically

Q.24 In The Books Of Omega Silk, Bank Reconciliations And Voucher Dates Are Different. We Cannot Calculate Interest On Outstanding Balance Of Bank Account By Considering Bank Reconciliation Date In Tally.


Q.25 To Calculate Interest On Outstanding Balances Of Bank Account As Per Bank Dates, Set ____________ Option To Bank/Reco Date In Interest Parameters Screen.

Answer:-Calculate Interest Based On

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Q.26     Refer To The Screenshot Below And Answer:-wer The Following    Questions. The Above Screenshot Shows The Budget Created For ________.


Q.27 The Above Screenshot Shows The On Net TrAnswer:-actions Budget Type.


Q.28   The Budget Set For The Advertisement Ledger Is Rs. ___________.


Q.29 The _________ Shortcut Key Is Used To View Budget Variance Report In The Trial Balance.

Answer:-Alt + B

Q.30 If The ‘Maintain Budgets And Controls’ Feature Is Enabled In The Accounting Features Screen Then The Budget Variance Report Is Available Even Though No Budget Was Created.


Q.31   The Ratio Analysis Report Is Divided Into ____________ And ____________.

Answer:-Principle Ratios And Principle Groups

Q.32 The Nett Working Capital Is Calculated By Subtracting Current Liabilities From ______.

Answer:-Current Assets

Q.33   As Per Accounting Standard-3, Cash Flow Is Classified Into Which Activities?

Answer:-    All Of The Above

Q.34   The Cash Flow Statement Is Based On Which Accounting Type?

Answer:-    Credit Basis Of Accounting

Q.35   In Which Statement Is The Working Capital Statement Prepared?

Answer:-    Funds Flow Statement

Q.36 Tax Deducted At Source (Tds) Is An Indirect Tax Collected At The Prescribed Rate From The Income Source.

Answer:-    True

Q.37   ______ Is One Of The Modes For Collecting Income Tax At The Source.

Answer:-    TDS

Q.38 To Create The Tds Nature Of Payment, You Need To Go To Gateway Of Tally > Accounts Info. > Statutory Info. > Tds Nature Of Pymts > Create.

Answer:-    True

Q.39   In Tally, You Can Book Expenses By Recording The ____ Voucher.

Answer:-    Journal

Q.40 As Per The Income Tax Act, Every Corporate And Government Entity Is Liable For ______ Of Tds.

Answer:-    Deduction

Q.41 If You Made The Payment Through A Cheque Then You Need To Create The Nature Of Payment For Commission Expenses.

Answer:-    True

Q.42 As Per The Income Tax Act, Every Corporate And Government Entity Is Liable For ______ Of Tds.

Answer:-    Deduction

Q.43   Which Form Is Required To Submit The Tds Details For All Payments?

Answer:-    Form 26 Q

Q.44 To Submit The Tds Details For All Payments Except For The Salaries Paid On Monthly Basis, Form 26q Is Required.

Answer:-    False

Q.45   In The Form 26q, Q Stands For _____ Report.

Answer:-    Quarterly

Q.46 __________Are Special Journals That Are Automatically Reversed After A Specified Date.

Answer:-    Reversing Journals

Q.47 Reversing Journals Are Not Posted To Any Books Of Accounts And Cannot Be Included In Regular Reports.

Answer:-    True

Q.48 Reversing Journals And Memorandum Vouchers Are Predefined Accounting Vouchers Included In Tally.Erp.

Answer:-    False

Q.49 To Activate Reversing Journal, Go To F11:Company Features And Then F1: Accounting Features And Set _____________ To Yes.

Answer:-    Use Reversing Journal & Optional Voucher

Q.50 To View Reversing Journal Register, Go To Gateway Of Tally> Display> _____________> Reversing Journals

Answer:-    Exception Reports

Q.51   When Actual Spending Is More Than The Budget, It Is Called

Answer:-    Over Budget

Q.52 In Tally, The Difference Of Actual And Budgeted Are Available In The ____ Report.

Answer:-    Budget Variance

Q.53   In Ratio Analysis, The Receivable Turnover Ratio Displays The ____.

Answer:-    Payment Performance Of Debtors

Q.54 Which Of The Following Reports Provides A Critical Overview Of The Company Performance In The Form Of Ratios?

Answer:-    Ratio Analysis

Q.55   Cash Flow Statement Is Also Known As

Answer:-    Both A & B

Q.56   The Shortcut Key Used To Reconcile A Challan Is _____ .

Answer:-    F 5

Q.57 From The Tcs Nature Of Goods Creation Screen, The ____ Shortcut Key Is Used To Select A Predefined Tcs Nature Of Goods.

Answer:-    Ctrl+C

Q.58   Under Which Of The Following Section Are Goods Defined For Tcs?

Answer:-    206c(1)

Q.59   Which Of The Following Forms Is Used To File The Tcs Return?

Answer:-    27e

Q.60   You Cannot Define Zero Percent As The Tcs Rate In Tally.

Answer:-    False

Q.61 The Option From Where Tan Registration Number Can Be Provided In Ally.Erp 9 Is:

Answer:-    Statutory & Taxation

Q.62   The Tcs Nature Of Goods Can Be Created From ______________.

Answer:-    Account Info > Statutory Info

Q.63   For ______________ The Tcs Nature Of Goods Needs To Be Defined.

Answer:-    Stock Item

Q.64   The Tcs Challan Can Be Printed From __________ Voucher.

Answer:-    Payment

Q.65   ____________ Can Be Used To Reconcile The Tcs Payments.

Answer:-    Challan

Q.66 A Company Needs 10, 000 Usb Keyboards Each Month. The Company Decided To Reorder Minimum Of 5, 000 Usb Keyboards Or The Quantity Consumed In The Last 20 Days. Using This Information And The Parameters Shown In The Screenshot Below, Define The Reorder Parameter: Reorder Quantity And Minimum Order Quantity.

Answer:-    10,000 & 5,000

Q.67 Refer To The Screenshot Below And Define Advanced Parameters: Period And Criteria For The Reorder Levels Using The Reorder Quantity.

Answer:-    1 Month , Higher

Q.68 Refer To The Screenshot Below And Define Advanced Parameters: Period And Criteria For The Minimum Order.

Answer:-    20 Days, Higher

Q.69 We Can Also Set Advanced Parameters For The Reorder Levels In Terms Of Weeks.

Answer:-    True

Q.70 In Reorder Status, Nett Available Balance Is Equal To The Sum Of Closing Quantity, Pending Purchase Order And Sales Order Due.

Answer:-    False

Q.71   It Is Possible To Close A Sales Order Using The Delivery Note Voucher.

Answer:-    True

Q.72 The Shortcut Key __________ Is Used To Pre-Close An Order From The Order Details Screen.

Answer:-    Ctrl+C

Q.73 To Pre-Close An Order Using The Delivery Note Voucher, Press ___________ And Set ‘Use Pre-Closure Order Details’ To Yes.

Answer:-    F: 12 Configuration

Q.74 To Close A Full Or Partial Order Using The Sales/Purchase Voucher Order, Press Ctrl + C.

Answer:-    True

Q.75   You Can Close A Complete Sales Order Only From The Sales Invoice.

Answer:-    False

Q.76   Reorder Level Is That Level Of A Stock Item On Which An Order Has To Be Placed.

Answer:-    True

Q.77 A Reorder Level Is Important To Have Sufficient Stock To Fulfill Customer Orders And At The Same Time Not To Have High Stock Unnecessarily.

Answer:-    True

Q.78 Lead Time For Suppliers To Deliver Stock And Delivery Time Specified By The Customer Are Two Important Points To Consider While Setting Reorder Levels.

Answer:-    True

Q.79 The Stock In Hand To Satisfy Orders Is Not Important Point To Consider While Setting Reorder Levels.

Answer:-    False

Q.80   Reorder Level Can Be Defined In Either Simple Mode Or Complex Mode.

Answer:-    False

Q.81   The Profit Is Equal To ________, As Per The Item Cost Analysis Report.

Answer:-    Revenue- (Cost- Balanceat Cost)

Q.82   A Loss In The Item Cost Analysis Report Is Shown As The Amount Using ________ .

Answer:-    Round Brackets

Q.83   In The Balance At Cost Column, Nett Quantity Indicates ________ Quantity.

Answer:-    Instock

Q.84   The Item Cost Analysis Report Is Only For A Specific Period.

Answer:-    True

Q.85   The Item Cost Analysis Report Cannot Calculate The Rate Per Price.

Answer:-    False

Q.86 Item Cost And Profit Tracking Refers To Accumulation Of Costs And Revenue For A Particular Quantity Of A Stock Item Across Various TrAnswer:-actions.

Answer:-    True

Q.87 Only Purchase And Sales TrAnswer:-actions Can Be Tracked And Subsequently Referred In Any TrAnswer:-action.

Answer:-    False

Q.88 Item Cost Tracking Enables Analysing The Running Cost And Profitability Of The Item Being Tracked Through Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, And So On.

Answer:-    True

Q.89 Item Cost Tracking Helps You Effectively Track And Ascertain The Procurement Cost, Landing Costs, Manufacturing Or Production Costs, Order Cost Or Profit, And Job Cost Or Profit.

Answer:-    True

Q.90 Item Cost Tracking Helps In Determining Sale Price Of Finished Goods Based On The Costs Incurred Till Date And Overall Profitability.

Answer:-    True

Q.91 Sanjay Wants To Sell Goods At Different Rates To Old And New Customers. Which Tally Feature Should He Use To Create Different Rates?

Answer:-    Price Level

Q.92   To Create A Price List In Tally, From Gateway Of Tally, Select _____ .

Answer:-    Inventory Info.> Price List> Create

Q.93 To Set ‘Separate Discount Column On Invoice’, From Gateway Of Tally Select_____ .

Answer:-    F11 : Features > F2: Inventory

Q.94   The Price List Is Same As The Price Level.

Answer:-    False

Q.95   The Price List Is Same As The Price Level.

Answer:-    Multiple

Q.96   The Pos Voucher Is Used As A __________ .

Answer:-    Sales Invoice

Q.97   The Pos Voucher Is A Predefined Voucher In Tally.

Answer:-    True

Q.98   To Create A Pos Voucher, From Gateway Of Tally, Select __________ .

Answer:-    Inventory Info.> Voucher Type

Q.99   You Can Add The Declaration Text By Setting _______ To Yes.

Answer:-    Set / Alter Pos

Q.100 How Many Text Messages Does Tally Allow You To Print On A Pos Invoice?

Answer:-    Two

Q.101 In Tally.Erp 9 The Pos Voucher Is Grouped Under —— Voucher Type

Answer:-    Sales

Q.102 To Use The Pos Function In Tally —– Option Is Set.

Answer:-    Use For Pos Invoicing

Q.103 To Accept The Coupons Voucher For Pos Invoicing —– Is Used In Tally.

Answer:-    Gift Voucher

Q.104 To Use Only One Payment Method During Pos Voucher Entry, Switch To ——— Mode.

Answer:-    Single Mode Payment

Q.105 In Tally, In The Single Mode Payment For Pos Voucher Entry —— Is The Mode Of Payment.

Answer:-    Cash

Q.106 Bank Reconciliation Statement Is The Comparison Of A Bank Statement (Sent By Bank) With The _________ (Prepared By Business).

Answer:-    Cash Book

Q.107 The Main Purpose Of Preparing A Bank Reconciliation Statement Is _______.

Answer:-    To Identify Causes Of Difference Between Cash Book And Bank Statement

Q.108 Bank Reconciliation Statement Is _________.

Answer:-    A Separate Statement

Q.109 To Reconcile The Bank Statement , Go To ‘Gateway Of Tally > ________ > Bank Reconciliation> Select The Name Of The Required Bank.

Answer:-    Banking

Q.110 For Auto Bank Reconciliation, On The ‘Bank Reconciliation’ Screen, Press ________.

Answer:-    Alt + B

Q.111 You Can Print A Cheque Directly From Tally.

Answer:-    True

Q.112 You Can Enable The Cheque Printing Option From The Bank Ledger Screen.

Answer:-    False

Q.113 To Configure The Cheque Dimensions, From Gateway Of Tally You Need To Select F11: Features>F1: Accounting Features.

Answer:-    False

Q.114 You Can Set Only One Cheque Book (Cheque Range) In Tally.

Answer:-    False

Q.115 Which Of The Following Shortcut Keys Is Used To Define The Cheque Dimensions?

Answer:-    Alt + U

Q.116 LoAnswer: -Are A Short Term Source Of Finance.

Answer:-    False

Q.117 Which Of The Following Is Not LoAnswer: -Liability Source Of Finance In Tally.

Answer:-    Bank A/C

Q.118 Bank Occ A/C Holder Can Have Cash Credit Facility From Against Its Stock And Receivable.

Answer:-    True

Q.119 Term Loan Come Under Unsecured Loan.

Answer:-    False

Q.120 Debenture Is Security Provided By Borrower.

Answer:-    True

Q.121 Job Costing Is Used To Track All The Expenses And Incomes For A Project Created As A Cost Centre.

Answer:-    True

Q.122 Job Costing Is A Combination Of Cost Centre And Inventory Godown.

Answer:-    True

Q.123 Job Costing Cannot Be Used To Determine The True Cost For Each Job Broken Down By Location.

Answer:-    False

Q.124 Job Costing Can Be Used To Track Overhead Cost By Allocating Them For Each Job.

Answer:-    True

Q.125 In Job Costing Tracking TrAnswer:-fer Of Materials From One Godown To Another Godown Is Impossible.

Answer:-    False

Q.126 Job Costing Is A Specific Order Costing, Which Applies To A Job Or A Project Undertaken According To A Customer’s Requirements And Specifications.

Answer:-    True

Q.127 Using – — -Locate The Cost Of Expenses For A Project.

Answer:-    Cost Centre

Q.128 ——- Is Dedicated To Specific Jobs.

Answer:-    Godown

Q.129 Through —— We Can TrAnswer:-fer Stocks From One Project To Another Project.

Answer:-    Stock Journal

Q.130 The—– Key Is Used To View The Comparative Job Work Analysis Report.

Answer:-    Alt N

Q.131 Job Costing Is Used To Determine The Actual Cost For Each Job Based On The _____.

Answer:-    Location

Q.132 Job Costing Is Applied To A Job Undertaken Based On The Customer’s Requirements And Specifications.

Answer:-    True

Q.133 Job Costing Is Used To Determine __________ For A Given Job. Based On This, The Profit Is Calculated For The Job.

Answer:-    Revenue And Expenditure

Q.134 The Job Costing Feature Cannot Track The Quantity Of Different Materials Used From Different Godowns.

Answer:-    False

Q.135 The Job Costing Feature Allows You To Compare The ______ Of Different Jobs On A Single Screen.

Answer:-    Expenses

Q.136 Job Work Refers To The Process Of Placing Orders Of Only Semi-Finished Goods To Job Workers.

Answer:-    False

Q.137 Job Work Also Involves Tracking Of Dispatch Raw Materials, Receiving And Analysing The Variance Quantity For The Effective Execution Of The Manufacturing Process At The Job Work Location.

Answer:-    True

Q.138 In Tally, Job Order Processing Can Ensure Optimum Utilisation Of Material Only.

Answer:-    False

Q.139 In Tally, For Job Order Processing It Is Difficult To Track Inventory.

Answer:-    False

Q.140 Tally Generates Instant Cost Assessment And Analytical Reports At Various Stages Of Processing And Manufacturing.

Answer:-    True

Q.141 Job Work In Order Takes Place When A Company Receives Job Work From A Third Party.

Answer:-    True

Q.142 Job Work In Process Does Not Allow You To Define Bom For Finished Goods.

Answer:-    False

Q.143 A Job Worker Records Purchase Invoice With Finished Goods Out.

Answer:-    False

Q.144  “Third Party Stock With Us?” MeAnswer: -We Are Stealing Stock Items Of A Third Party.

Answer:-    False

Q.145 Go To Gwt> Display>Job Work> Job Work In Reports To View Outstanding Job Work In Orders Report.

Answer:-    False

Q.146 Which Of The Following Is The Shortcut Key For Job Work In Order?

Answer:-    Alt+W

Q.147 Which Of The Following Is The Shortcut Key For Material In Voucher?

Answer:-    Ctrl+W

Q.148 To Show The Manufacturing Process, A New Voucher Type Is Created Under _________ Predefined Voucher Type.

Answer:-    Stock Journal

Q.149 The ‘Enable Job Order Processing’ Option Is Available In _____________.

Answer:-    F11:Features>F2:Inventory

Q.150 Material Movement Register Allows You To Check Details Of The Finished Good And Raw Material.

Answer:-    True

Q.151 The Company Code Field Is Included In All The Provident Fund Codes Of The Company Allotted By The Department.

Answer:-    True

Q.152 Tax Deduction And Collection Account Number Is A — Digit Code Assigned To Employees.

Answer:-    10

Q.153 The Salary Paid To An Employee Is Computed Based On Work Done By An Employee Which Is Quantified Using The —–.

Answer:-    Payroll Unit

Q.154 Like Inventory Unit, Payroll Unit Cannot Be A Compound Unit.

Answer:-    False

Q.155 —- Is Used To Record The Attendance And Production Data.

Answer:-    Attendance / Production Type

Q.156 A Pay Head Can Be An Expense Or Liability From An Employer’s View Point.

Answer:-    True

Q.157 Which Of The Following Is / Are Examples Of Deduction Pay Heads?

Answer:-    All Of The Above

Q.158 For Each Pay Head, There Can Be A Different Calculation Period.

Answer:-    True

Q.159 If Dearness Allowance Is 30 % Of The Basic Pay, Specify —– In The Computer Field While Creating The Dearness Allowance Pay Head.

Answer:-    On Specified Formula

Q.160 We Can See Employee Category Option In Payroll Info Menu Only If The Option ‘Maintain More Than One Payroll Or Cost Category’ Is Enabled In F11 Company Features.

Answer:-    True

Q.161 In Salary Detail Alteration Screen, The Pay Head Type, Calculation Type And Computed On Columns Will Display Information Based On The Pay Head Selected.

Answer:-    True

Q.162 To Define Salary Details For The Accounts Department, Go To Gateway Of Tally> Payroll Info> Salary Details> Employee Category> Select Accounts Department.

Answer:-    False

Q.163 Which Of The Following Cannot Be A Correct Way To Define Salary Details For Employees?

Answer:-    Gateway Of Tally > Payroll Info > Employee Salary > Details Define

Q.164 In Tally, Salary Details Can Be Created For An Employee Group And Then Can Be Copied For All The Employees Within That Group.

Answer:-    True

Q.165 Copy Option Will Appear If The Option ‘Allow Copy From Employees F12 Salary Details Configuration’ Is Set To Yes From Salary Details Alteration Screen.

Answer:-    True

Q.166 The Path To View Payroll Statutory Report Is Gateway Of Tally> Display > ——> Statutory Report

Answer:-    Payroll Reports

Q.167 The Provident Fund Reports Are Subdivided Into —– And—– Based On The Period.

Answer:-    Monthly And Annual

Q.168 Pf Form 5 Is A —- Report With The Details Of The Employees Newly Joining The Provident Fund Schedule During The Given Month.

Answer:-    Monthly

Q.169 Pf —- Is A Monthly Report That Provides The Details Of The Employees Exiting From The Provident Fund Scheme During The Given Month.

Answer:-    Form 10

Q.170 Pf Form 12a Is A Monthly Report That Provides The Details Of The Pf Payment Made To The Respective Pf Accounts Of The Employees During The Given Month.

Answer:-    True

Q.171 Esi Form 3 Is A Return Of Declaration Form To Be Submitted Each Month With The Details Of The Employees Falling In The Purview Of Esi During The Given Month.

Answer:-    True

Q.172 Esi Monthly Statement Is An Mis Report Which Provides The Details Of The Amounts Contributed By Employees And Employer Towards The Esi Account In The Current Year.

Answer:-    False

Q.173 To View The Esi Form 3, Go To Gateway Of Tally > Display > Payroll Reports > Statutory Reports> _______> Form 3

Answer:-    Employee State Insurance

Q.174 Esi Form 5 Is A Return Of Contribution Form To Be Submitted Half Yearly With Details Of Employee Wise Esi Contribution Made On A Monthly Basis.

Answer:-    True

Q.175 Esi Form 6 Is Register Of Employees Falling Under The Purview Of Esi With Detailed Annual Information.

Answer:-    False

Q.176 Income Tax Is Levied On Personal Income.

Answer:-      True

Q.177 Service Tax Is A Tax Payable, And Enacted By The Union Budget For Every Assessment Year On The Total Income Earned In The Previous Year By Every Person.

Answer:-      False

178      The Government Of India Imposes Income Tax On The Income Of All Persons.

Answer:-    False

Q.179 All Persons Who Are Considered As An Assessee When Their Income Exceeds The Maximum Exemption In The Prescribed Limit. Income Tax Will Be Levied At The Prescribed Rates According To The Finance Act.

Answer:-    True

Q.180 In Tally, Income Tax Pay Head Comes Under Employee Statutory Contribution.

Answer:-    False

Q.181 TrAnswer:-port Allowance Is Provided For Travelling Expenses Incurred Between Residence And Place Of Duty.

Answer:-    True

Q.182 For Income Tax Computation, The Previous Employer Income And Tax Payment Details Are Not Necessary For Employees Who Join The Organization In The Middle Of The Year.

Answer:-    False

Q.183 Income Tax Value Which Is Captured While Processing Salary Has To Be Paid To Employees.

Answer:-    False

Q.184 To View The Income Tax Reports, Go To Gateway Of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > Income Tax.

Answer:-    False

Q.185 The Computation Report Displays The Employee-Wise Income Tax Computation Details In The Form 16 Format.

Answer:-    True

Q.186 In Tally, You Can Activate The Payroll Feature By Selecting ___ .

Answer:-    F11: Features >F3: Statutory

Q.187 Which Of The Following Is/Are Used To Calculate Pf?

Answer:-    Basic And Da

Q.188 Which Of The Following Is The Gross Earnings Limit For Esi Calculation?

Answer:-    Rs. 21,000

Q.189 The Overtime Is Calculated Based On The ____.

Answer:-    Production

Q.190 Which Of The Following Is An Edli Contribution?

Answer:-    Employer’s Others Charges

Q.191 Which Of The Following Shortcut Keys Is Used To Create An Attendance Voucher?

Answer:-    Ctrl+F5

Q.192 Form 10 Is Used For ______ .

Answer:-    Eps

Q.193 Which Of The Following Shortcut Keys Is Used To Create A Payroll Voucher?

Answer:-    Ctrl+F4

Q.194 Form 16 Is Used For _____.

Answer:-    Tds Certificate

Q.195 The Path To Define Salary Details Is Gwt> — → Salary Details

Answer:-    Payroll Info

Q.196 ITR – 1 Is Used For Filling The ___ Return.

Answer:-    Salary Income

Q.197 Which Of The Following Is Related To The Section 80d?

Answer:-    Income Tax

Q.198 The Pay Head Menu Provides Setup Of Various Masters Or Configurations Required For Income Tax Computation.

Answer:-    False

Q.199 You Can Use The Pay Head Configuration Screen To Configure The Income Tax Component For All Existing Pay Heads.

Answer:-    True

Q.200 The Employee Can Provide The Exemption And Deduction Details To The Employer, And These Details Can Be Entered In The System As Employee Declaration By From Gateway Of Tally > Payroll Info. > Income Tax Details > Declarations.

Answer:-    True

Q.201 Gstr-1 Is A Half Yearly Return That Should Be Filed By Every Registered Dealer.

Answer:-    False

Q.202 Gstr-1 Contains Details Of All Outward Supplies.

Answer:-    True

Q.203 In Gstr, Included In Returns Option Displays Summary Of Included Vouchers Report With The List Of Voucher-Types With Voucher Count.

Answer:-    True

Q.204 In Gstr, Not Relevant For Returns Option Displays Summary Of Excluded Vouchers Report With The TrAnswer:-action Type-Wise Voucher Count.

Answer:-    True

Q.205 Press Ctrl + I To Include TrAnswer:-actions Which Are Manually Excluded By The User From The List Of Included Or Uncertain TrAnswer:-actions.

Answer:-    False

Q.206 To View Status Reconciliation Report, Go To Gateway Of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > Gst > Gstr – 1.

Answer:-    True

Q.207 Click Ctrl+ U To View Status Reconciliation Screen From Gstr1.

Answer:-    False

Q.208 In Status Reconciliation Screen, Uploaded Column Is Automatically Updated When A Voucher Is Exported To Gstr-1 Return File.

Answer:-    True

Q.209 In Status Reconciliation Screen, You Can Mark The Status As Rejected When The Buyer Rejects The Voucher Details As Displayed In The Gstr-1a.

Answer:-    True

Q.210 In Status Reconciliation Screen, You Can Mark The Status As Accepted When Input Tax Claim Is Made By The Government In The Gstr-1a.

Answer:-    False

Q.211 Every Registered Taxable Person Is Required To Give Details Of Inward Supply In Gstr-2.

Answer:-    True

Q.212 Gstr-2 Contains Details Of All The Purchases TrAnswer:-actions Of A Registered Dealer For A Year.

Answer:-    False

Q.213 Gstr 2 Does Not Include Purchases On Which Reverse Charge Applies.

Answer:-    False

Q.214 The Gstr-2 Filed By A Registered Dealer Is Used By The Government To Check With The Sellers’ Gstr-1 For Buyer-Seller Reconciliation.

Answer:-    True

Q.215 Once All The TrAnswer:-action Statuses Are Reconciled, Generate The Return In Json Format And File The Return.

Answer:-    True

Q.216 _______ Is A Shortcut Key To Toggle Between The Return Format And Summary Format.

Answer:-    Alt + V

Q.217 _______ Shows All Vouchers Which Are Accepted Without Fixing The Mismatch Error In The Computed Tax Values.

Answer:-    Ctrl + A

Q.218 You Can Record The Statutory Adjustment TrAnswer:-action (Journal Voucher) Directly From The Gstr Screen.

Answer:-    True

Q.219 Which Of The Following Shortcut Key Is Used To Open The Gst Portal From The Gstr Screen?

Answer:-    Ctrl + O

Q.220 Which Of The Following Shortcut Key Is Used To Export The Gstr Report?

Answer:-    Ctrl + E

Q.221 The Ledger For TrAnswer:-port Is Created Under Which Accounting Group?

Answer:-    Sundry Creditor

Q.222 Which Of The Following Is Mandatory If A TrAnswer:-porter Is Not Gst Registered?

Answer:-    TrAnswer:-porter Id

Q.223 Assume A Company Used Its Own Vehicle To TrAnswer:-port Goods. Which Of The Following Is Mandatory While Recording The TrAnswer:-port Details For A Sales Invoice?

Answer:-    Vehicle Number

Q.224 It Is Okay To Fill The TrAnswer:-porter Id And Date And Not The Vehicle Registration Number.

Answer:-    True

Q.225 Which Of The Following Have A Single Asterisk Mark?

Answer:-    Mandatory Fields

Q.226 Effective From 1st April 2018, All Registered Dealers Need To Generate E-Way Bill For The Movement Of Goods If The Total Of Taxable Value And Tax Amount In The Invoice Exceeds ——–.

Answer:-    Rs. 50000

Q.227 Enable E-Way Bill Setup In Tally From ——–.

Answer:-    F11: Features>F3: Statutory

Q.228 You Have To Mention E Way Bill Threshold Limit During Every Voucher Entry.

Answer:-    False

Q.229 “E-Way Bill Applicable For Intrastate?” Is Visible Only For States For Which It Is Applicable.

Answer:-    False

Q.230 TrAnswer:-porter Id Is A _ Digit Number.

Answer:-    15

Q.231 You Can Connect Only One Company Through Tally.Net.

Answer:-    False

Q.232 By Default, The Tally.Net User Is Authorized In The Capacity Of A/An_____ Who Has Restricted Access To The Company Data.

Answer:-    Data Entry Operator

Q.233 Tally.Net Allows You To Connect Companies From Tally.Erp 9 And Helps You To Create And Maintain Remote Users.

Answer:-    True

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Q.234 Tally.Net Is A/An ________ Feature That Provides A Host Of Capabilities.

Answer:-    Default

Q.235 ______ Is A Framework Which Works In The Background And Provides A Broad Range Of Services Using The Internet.

Answer:-    Tally.Net

Q.236 The ______ Shortcut Key Is Used To Get The Synchronize Rule Information In The Client Rule Alteration Screen.

Answer:-    Alt+R

Q.237 The ________ Shortcut Key Is Used From Gateway Of Tally To Connect A Company.

Answer:-    F4

Q.238 The ________ Shortcut Key From Gateway Of Tally Is Used To Disconnect A Company.

Answer:-    Alt+F4

Q.239 The _______ Shortcut Key From Gateway Of Tally Is Used To Synchronize Data For A Company.

Answer:-    Alt+O

Q.240 The ______ Shortcut Key From Gateway Of Tally Is Used To Synchronize The Selected Rules (Master/ TrAnswer:-action).

Answer:-    Alt+Y

Q.241 Data Is Synchronised Using __________, Which Connects The Client And Server.

Answer:-    Tally.Net Server

Q.242 The ______ Feature Allows You To Manually Export Any Data Into Xml Format When Doing Data Synchronization.

Answer:-    Export Snapshot

Q.243 When Online Synchronisation Is Performed Using Tally.Net Server, The —– Acts As A Bridge Or A Connection Between The Server And The Client Company.

Answer:-    Tally.Net Server

Q.244 In Online Synchronisation , It Is Necessary To Connect The Server Company To The Tally.Net Server After Configuration Of Server, Client And Tss.

Answer:-    True

Q.245 After Connecting The Company To The Tally.Net Server, We Should Create Synchronization Rules On The Server.

Answer:-    False

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Q.246 SMS Stand For ______________

Answer:-    Short Message Services

Q.247 We Can Access Sms Without Configuring The Security Control Feature.

Answer:-    True

Q.248 To Register A Mobile Number For Sms, From Gateway Of Tally, You Have To Open __________.

Answer:-    Control Centre

Q.249 It Is Not Mandatory To Register The Mobile Number Before Connecting A Company To Tss.

Answer:-      False

Q.250 The ______ Shortcut Key Is Used To Access The Tss Feature.

Answer:-    F11 > F4

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