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Graphic Design Questions and Answers

Graphic Design Questions and Answers


Question. 1:-Photoshop Is An Image Editing Software.

Answer: – True

Question. 2:-You Want To Retouch Your Old Photograph. Which Of The Following Software’s You Will Use For Retouching Your Photograph?

Answer:-Adobe Photoshop

Question. 3:-Graphics Artist Can Use Photoshop For __________

Answer:-Compositing Images

Question. 4:-A Graphics Artists Wants To Compose A Set Of Images For A Brochure. He Can Use Photoshop To Compose These Images.


Question. 5:-Giff, Png, Jpeg Are The Formats For

Answer:-Vector Image

Question. 6:-Giff, Png, Jpeg Are The Vector Image Formats


Question. 7:-Vector Images Get Smoothly Printed Even If They Are Scalled At Large Ammount.


Question. 8:-Raster Images Get Smoothly Printed Even If They Are Scalled At Large Amount.


Question. 9 :- Photoshop Has Following Color Modes:-

Answer:-Rgb, Cmyk,Lab Color, Grayscale

Question. 10:-Cmyk Color Mode Available In Photoshp For Printer Friendly Color Swatches


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Question. 11:- Cmyk Stands For

Answer:-Cyan, Magenta, Yellow And Black

Question. 12:-Cyan, Magenta, Yellow And Black (Key) Most Commonly Known As Cmyk Colors


Question. 13:-Pixels Are The Smallest Elements Of A Bitmap.


Question. 14:-Smallest Element Of Bitmap Is


Question. 15:-Mark Is A Designing A Brochure For A Company Which Will Be Printed On Glossy Paper. Which Type Of Resolution He Will Use For His Broucher To Add More Details In It?

Answer:-Higher Resolution

Question. 16:-Higher Resolution Stores More Details In Graphic


Question. 17:-An Image Of 8 Bits Contains 256 Colors


Question. 18:-An Image Of 16 Bits Contains 16.7 Million Colors.


Question. 19:-Which Of The Tools Shown In Image Are Painting Tools?


Question. 20:-Which Of The Tools Shown In Image Are Selection Tools?


Question. 21:-To Undo Multiple Steps Keyboard Shortcut Is


Question. 22:-To Undo Multiple Steps Keyboard Shortcut Is Ctrl+Alt+Z


Question. 23:-When We Cut And Paste Of An Image,Then

Answer:-A Layer Is Created Automatically And The Image Is Pasted On The New Layer

Question. 24:-When We Cut And Paste Part Of An Image, A Layer Is Created Automatically And The Image Is Pasted On The New Layer


Question. 25:-Photoshop Cs4 Is Not A Text Oriented Application, Hence You Cannot Add Text To Your Document.


Question. 26:-You Can Modify The Text By Changing The Font Size, Font Family, Its Color, Style And Alignments.


Question. 27:-Which Tool From The Shown Image Is Used For Quick Selection Of Particular Part Of Graphics?

Answer:-Magic Wand Tool

Question. 28:-Refer The Given Image And Choose The Correct Answer

Which Tool From The Shown Image Is Used For Darken The Particular Part Of Graphics?

Answer:-Burn Tool

Question. 29:-Is The Shown Image Is Of Raster Image Type?


Question. 30:-Is The Shown Image Is Of Vector Image Type?


Question. 31:-If You Want To Erase The Portion Of A Painted Canvas Shown In The Image, You Can Choose

Answer:-Eraser Tool

Question. 32:-To Get Photos From A Camera Choose_______>Get Photos From Camera


Question. 33:-The Shortcut For Using The Brush Tool Is Pressing ______ On The Keyboard


Question. 34:-_______ Displays The Information Of The Colors And Brightness Levels Of The Active Image.


Question. 35:-The Shortcut For Launching Bridge Is ______


Question. 36:-_______ Is The Radius Of The Curve While Using The Rounded Rectangle Tool.

Answer:-Corner Radius

Question. 37:-To Exit From Bridge Clicke On The _____ Button In The Bridge Window.


Question. 38:-To Create An Art Board Within An Art Board Press _____ Key On Your Keyboard And Drag The Cursor.


Question. 39:-Grayscale Consists Of Maximum _____ Color Of Gray.


Question. 40:-The Shortcut For Opening Keyboard Shortcut Dialog Box Is ____


Question.41:-What Is The Long Form Of Jpeg?

Answer:-Joint Photographic Experts Group

Question. 42:-_____ Means A Bitmap Image.


Question. 43:-The ______ Option Is The Registration Location Which Determines The Horizontal And Vertical Co-Ordinates Of The Object.

Answer:-Flash Registration

Question. 44:-Which Option Displays The Numbers Of The Slices When You Are Creating Slices?


Question. 45:-_______ Stops The Action After Every Step Before Performing The Next Step.


Question. 46:-The Playback Option In Illustrator Is Used For:-______

Answer:-Recording The Action Again

Question. 47:-The ____ Option Creates An Even Spacing Between Multiple Characters In A Line Of Text, Widening It Out, Or Tightening It Up.


Question. 48:-The Restrictive (Web) Option Creates A _____ Color Standard Table For Windows.


Question. 49:-______ Show You The List Of The Linked Images Or Files In Your Document.

Answer:-Links Panel

Question. 50:-The _______ Options Breaks The Link Between The Symbol And The Symbol Instrance, Thus Converting The Instance Into A Vector Artwork Which Can Be Modified If Needed.

Answer:-Break Symbol

Question. 51:-The _____ Option Changes The Path Pattern When You Click On The Pattern That Is Available

Answer:-2pt Oval

Question. 52:-In The _______ Choose Option Which Will Directly Will Directly Apply Setting Or Set Defaults.

Answer:-Default Image Settings

Question. 53:-A _______ Is A Group Of Document Specific Values That Is Used To Set Basic Print Options.

Answer:-Print Preset

Question. 54:-The ____ Contains The Preset Symbols.

Answer:-Symbol Libraries

Question. 55:-________ Effect Helps You To Change The Outer Shape Of An Object.

Answer:-Convert To Shape

Question. 56:-InDesign Requires ______ Free Space For Installation.

Answer:-512 Mb

Question. 57:-Use This Combination Of Keys To Make Them Ruler Visible And Invisible.


Question. 58:-This Is The Industry-Standard Term For Quality Check On The Document.


Question. 59:-Use This Command To Insert Graphic In A Table Cell.


Question. 60:-If Any Unwanted Formatting Remains In The Text, Choose This Option To Remove It.


Question. 61:-To Apply A Gradient To The Text That Results In Outlines.

Answer:-Create Gradient

Question. 62:-You Can Convert Any Path Into A Predefined Shape Using This Facility.


Question. 63:-To Make Text Appear Like It Is Carved Out Of Stone Use This Option From Effects.


Question. 64:-To Draw The Shape From The Center, Hold Down This Key.


Question. 65:-If The Frames Overlap Each Other, You See This Where The Frames Overlap.

Answer:-Black Hole

Question. 66:-You Can Edit The Graphic In The Source File Using _____

Answer:-Edit Graphic

Question. 67:-Master Elements Appear With ______ In The Pages Panel.

Answer:-Bold Letters

Question. 68:-To Generate A New Document From A Template InDesign Opens

Answer:-Adobe InDesign

Question. 69:-To Drag Guides Into The Desired Position Use.


Question. 70:-If The Tools Palette Does Not Appear When You Open An Adobe InDesign Document Click ___


Question. 71:-Specify Wheter The Toolbar Appears As A Single Column, Double Column, Or Single Row _____

Answer:-Floating Tools Panel

Question. 72:-This Sends Enough Image Data To Print The Graphic At The Best Possible Resolution For The Printer.

Answer:-Optimized Subsampling

Question. 73:-Ebook File Has The Extention _____


Question. 74:-This Is A Graduated Blend Between Two Or More Colors Or Between Two Tints Of The Same Color.

Answer:-A Color Shed

Question. 75:-This Icon On The Swatches Panel Indicates Whether A Gradient Is Radial Or Linear.


Question. 76:-Choose This To Add Designs To Bullets.

Answer:-Bullet Number

Question. 77:-Use This Options To Get Control Over The Graphic Fitting In A Frame The Way You Want.

Answer:-Frame Fitting

Question. 78:-Text Leading Distance Is Measured In This Unit _____


Question. 79:-This Option Marks The Selected Page As The Beginning Of A New Section.

Answer:-Start Page Numbering

Question. 80:-This Tool Give You The Facility To Add Text Next To The Inner Or Outer Edge Of A Given Path.

Answer:-Type On A Path

Question. 81:-To Automatically Correct Capitalization Error Select This Option.

Answer:-Autocorrect Capitalization Errors

Question.  82:-Clicking This Option Adds A Zigzag Redline Below Misspelled Text As Soon It Is Entered.

Answer:-Check Spelling

Question. 83:-Select Enable Atquestion.Hed Script To Allow Javascript Actions To Be Atquestion.Hed To Features In Indesign.


Question. 84:-This Style Attributes Are Not Part Of The Table Style.


Question. 85:-When You Change Kerning Use A _______ To Add Space.

Answer:-Positive Number

Question. 86:-In Pages Panel A Page Above The A-Master Is Called _____

Answer:-Master Page

Question. 87:-To Zoom In Quickly, Click The Zoom Tool By Holding Down.

Answer:-Ctrl + Spacebar

Question. 88:-Using Which Button Is An Easy Way To Apply Any Style In Your Indesign Document.

Answer:-Style Button

Question. 89:-Select This Option To Set A Minimum Row Height In A Table.

Answer:-At Least

Question. 90:-The Spacing Between Two Column Is Known Is ______


Question. 91:-Spell Checking Facility Is Available In This Menu ____


Question. 92:-When Any Text On A Page Touches The Edge Of The Page, Extending Beyond The Trim Edge, With No Margin It Is Said To ____.


Question. 93:-From Which Preference Would You Use To Specify How Indesign Handles Hyphenation And Spelling Dictionaries?


Question. 94:-Exporting To The Jpeg File Choose This Option If The File Will Be Displayed Onscreen Only.


Question. 95:-To Search For Special Characters, Such As A Tab, You Can Use.


Question. 96:-To Manually Insert A Hyphen Which Tool Is Appropriate To Use?

Answer:-Type Tool

Question. 97:-If You Select A Range Of Text To Which Multiple Styles Are Applied, The Styles Panel Displays The Same Of Style As ____


Question. 98:-This Option Drawn A Vector Image As A Gray Box.

Answer:-High Quality Display

Question. 99:-The Shortcut To Open The Links Panel Is ____


Question. 100:-Add To Box Showing User Dictionary Option Is Useful In _____

Answer:-Adding Autocorrect User Dictionary

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