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Exam Answer Writing Techniques

Exam Answer Writing Techniques


Exam Answer Writing Techniques

           While checking the 10-12″ standard paper, examiners look at the paper as the reflection of that student. Hence, if the paper is neat, clean, well-structured and thoughtful, the examiners are impressed and check it wholeheartedly. For writing such a paper, students, should remember the following most important instructions. Parents should get them done from your wards. This way, you will truly contribute to their success.

  • Your handwriting should be clear, clean and legible. There shouldn’t be any cutting and cancellation marks or ink stains on the answer sheet.
  • Your writing shouldn’t be too big, too small or tilted.
  • Write the question and sub question numbers properly and solve them in one place.
  • Write answers as per directions in brief and with precision. Leave some space after the margin and then begin to write.
  • Make paragraphs wherever necessary.
  • Write just the answers and not the questions.
  • Manage your time in such a way that you will have 10 minutes in the end to review the entire answer sheet.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes in language papers.
  • Underline the important points.
  • Do use quotes in all language papers while writing short and long answers. It adds to the impression. . Write down points in the beginning of essay.
  • Use the first person perspective (I, me, my, mine) while writing an autobiographical essay. Don’t refer to third person.
  • Properly understand the topic of letter writing.
  • Don’t change the topic and write your own letters. . As far as possible begin writing your letter from left side on the answer sheet so that the entire letter can be seen at a stretch.
  • Write the name and address of letter writer in the top right corner. Use the details given. If nothing is given, use ABC for name and write an imaginary address. Don’t write your own name and use your signature. After the address, write date, month, year. Write the addressee details on left hand. Do mention the ‘subject’ in a business letter.
  • Concentrate on arrangement, hand writing, correct writing and use of proper tense in the translation question. If there are spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes in the answers of objective type questions then marks will surely be deducted. If the answer carries 1 mark, ½ mark will be deducted..
  • If there are many spelling and grammar mistakes seen in long answer questions, 1-2 marks will be deducted. Therefore it is necessary that your writing is grammatically correct!
  • A lot of rough work needs to be done for subjects like mathematics. Use the last page of the answer sheet for rough work and after finishing the paper, strike it off with a pencil.
  • If students follow all of these rules, they will be very close to success!

Instructions for Students:

    • Solve and write down all exercises based on each lesson.
    • Minimum 1.5 day is available for preparation before each paper.
    • Solve earlier Board papers and take a look at
    • question papers from other schools too.
    • Study for the ‘application based questions’ in science. Practice to finish the papers in time. Practice on writing skills!
    • Precisely practice for essays and letter-writing in languages.
    • Look at the model answer sheets provided by the Board.
    • Look at the ‘Shikshan-Sankraman’ magazine released by the Board for practice.
    • Choose only those questions which you know completely and solve those completely. Read the question paper completely and then start attempting.

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