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Basic Computer Fundamentals


Basic Computer Fundamentals

Basic Computer Fundamentals Questions and Answers


Q1. Starting or restarting a computer is called _______ the system.


Q2. _____ are used to store data and programs.


Q3. ____ is unprocessed facts.


Q4. Windows XP is an example of

Answer:-Operating system

Q5. Every computer must have an operating system.


Q.6. Systems software includes all of the following except

Answer:-Desktop publishing

Q.7. Which of the following is an Operating System?

Answer:-All of these

Q.8. ______ is background software that helps the computer manage it’s own internal resources

Answer:-System Software

Q.9. _____ is the ability of the operating system to run more than one application at a time


Q.10. Another name for software is


Q.11. ______ consists of the step-by-step instruction that tell the computer how to do its work


Q.12. ______ specify rules or guidelines for computer operations.


Q.13. Which programs reduce the size of the files so that they occupy lesser space on the disk?

Answer:-File Compression

Q.14. Processing data creats _______


Q.15. _____ are also known as Service Programs.


Q.16. Which of the following components are used to store data?


Q.17. Each track is divided into wedge-shaped section called Sectors.


  1. 18. Backup programs make copies of the files to be used in case the original files are damaged or lost.


Q.19. A complete computer system is made up of User, Procedure, Hardware, Software and Data.


Q.20. Disk Defragmenter is utilities program that locates and eliminates unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operations.


Q.21. This type of software is designed to help you be more productive in performing tasks, and is widely used in nearly every discipline and occupation.

Answer:-Basic Application Software

Q.22. The ____ displays a list of commands that can be used to gain access to information, change hardware settings, find information stored in the, get online help and shut down the computer

Answer:-Start Button

Q.23. Word processing, electronic spreadsheets, database managers, and graphics programs are graphics programs are all grouped under the title

Answer:-Application Software

Q.24. Which of the following is the unit of Computer memory?

Answer:-Kilo Bytes

  1. 25. Capacity a storage device is usually measured in terms of Meter.


Q.26. Minicomputers are also known as

Answer:-Midrange Computers

Q.27. Which of the following is the primary memory?


Q.28. Which of the following would not be considered as portable computer?

Answer:-A Desktop Computer

Q.29. A software is also called as a


Q.30. Another name for the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and system unit is


Q.31. Random Access Memory (RAM) is ____ type of memory


  1. 32. ____ consists of step-by-step instructions that tells the computer how to complete the task


Q.33. Following are the units of memory.


Q.34. _____ is also known as the system cabinet or chassis.

Answer:-System Unit

Q.35. ____ are graphical objects used to represent and open commonly used applications


Q.36. GUI stands for

Answer:-Graphical User Interface

Q.37. Each track is divided into wedge-shaped sections called ____


Q.38. Which of the following components is used to store data?


Q.39. The keyboard keys that are labeled F1, F2 and so on are called ___

Answer:-Function keys

Q.40. Which of the following device is used to play fast games on a computer?


Q.41. Output of an image on the monitor screen is often called hard copy.


Q.42. Which of the following device is not from pointing type of device?


Q.43. Instead of function keys which keys are use to create a shortcut.

Answer:-Combination keys

Q.44. Which of the following device is used to play fast computer games?


Q.45. Output of an image through a printer is often called hard copy


Q.46. The keys labeled 0-9 on the keyboard are called.

Answer:-Numeric keys

Q.47. ______ devices translate what people understand into a form that computers can process.


Q.48. The easiest way to access any part of the screen in the windows operating system is using the


Q.49. _____ translate data and programs that human can understand into a form that the computer can process.

Answer:-Input devices

Q.50. The mouse pointer seen on the Desktop is also called as ______.

Answer:-Arrow pointer

Q.51. Which of these is not an input device?


Q.52. The keyboard keys like Caps Lock that turn a feature on or off are called.

Answer:-Toggle keys

Q.53. Touch screen and touch surface are the same things


Q.54. Dot matrix printers make irritating noise.


Q.55. ________ translate the process information from the computer into a form that humans can understand.

Answer:-Output devices

Q.56. Wireless keyboard transmit input to the system unit through the air


Q.57. Passive and Active matrix are two basic types of _____

Answer:-Flat Panel Monitors

Q.58. Pressing this key turns a feature on or off

Answer:-Toggle keys

Q.59. ______ also known as voice grade and low bandwidth which is used for standard telephone communication.

Answer:-Voice band

Q.60. The _____ is excepted to alter communications and computer systems.

Answer:-Wireless Revolution

Q.61. A CD-R stands for


Q.62. Secondary storage is nonvolatile.


Q.63. 3 ½ floppy disc capacity is –

Answer:-1.44 MB

Q.64. What is the full form of ROM?

Answer:-Read-only memory

Q.65. Modem convert data from a CD to a hard disk


Q.66. Which of the following is a storage device?

Answer:-Hard Disk

Q.67. _____ are removable storage device used to store massive amounts of information

Answer:-Floppy Disk

Q.68. DVD means

Answer:-Digital Versatile Disk

Q.69. A CD-ROM stands for

Answer:-Compact Disc Read Only Memory

Q.70. Protocols like PPP and SLIP are used for

Answer:-Data transfer

Q.71. High capacity disks also known as floppy disk cartridges are rapidly replacing the traditional floppy disk.


Q.72. Super Disks are produced by imation and have a 120 MB or 240 MB capacity.


  1. 73. The 2HD on a disk label means

Answer:-Two side

Q.74. Hard Disk Packs are removable storage devices used to store massive amounts of information


Q.75. _____ disks from the Sony Corporation have a capacity of 200 MB or 720 MB.

Answer:-HiFD Disks

Q.76. A track on a disk is one of the many circular ring shaped areas where data is written data is written magnetically.


Q.77. Zip Disks are produced by lomega and typically have a 100 MB, 250 MB ot 750 MB capacity over 500 times as much as today’s standard floppy disk.


Q.78. B2C, C2C and B2B are type of ____


  1. 79. _____ is a concept related to using computer networks to link people and resources


Q.80. _____ provides a fast, efficient alternative to traditional mail by receiving electronic documents.


Q.81. MAN means

Answer:-Metropolitan Area Network

Q.82. ______ measures capacity of communication channel.


Q.83. WAN means

Answer:-Wide Area Network

Q.84. The extensions .gov, .edu, .mil, and .net are called

Answer:-Domain codes

Q.85. Which is web search engine used worldwide?


Q.86. Which of the following is a browser?


Q.87. A. device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be


Q.88. _______ is used to see the web pages.


Q.89. The network connecting several computers all over the world is?


Q.90. Web spiders and crawlers are examples of

Answer:-Search engines

Q.91. to send e-mail to someone you need to know only his

Answer:-E-mail addresss

Q.92. IP Address means

Answer:-Internet Protocol address

Q.93. bps stand for

Answer:-Bits per second

Q.94. Every computer on the internet has a unique numeric address called an _______

Answer:-IP address

Q.95. which operator helps you to get specific results while searching about any topic in Google?

Answer:-Search operator

Q.96.Why do we download any webpage in Wikipedia in offline mode?

Answer:-For accessing the webpage offline

Q.97. Following is a script language used, while designing a web page.

Answer:-HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

Q.98. When you type an address such as http://www.universalit.org, in this .org indicates that it is a

Answer:-Organizational web site

Q.99. What is E-mail?

Answer:-Electronic mailing

Q.100. Which of the following system electronic letter or message sent between individuals or computers?


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