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How To Choose The Best Gaming Joystick For You



In this article, we are going to discuss the best controllers, which would fit every gamer’s needs. The best controllers are divided into two types of controller, analogue controllers and digital controllers. Analog controllers are equipped with a joystick, where as digital controllers are equipped with one or more joysticks, which are placed on the bottom of the controller. All the best controllers have their pros and cons and is recommended to buy it according to your preference. Here are the best controllers which you must consider before purchasing: 1. Logitech G700/G9X CAA/G600 Best Analog Gaming Controller The best gaming controller is the Logitech G700/G9X CAA/G600. It is equipped with 6 buttons which are mapped to actuating the 3 keys.

How to Choose Your Gaming Joystick

If you are looking to buy a good gaming joystick, you need to find the right one first. You should really make sure that you will get a good one to avoid your excitement on games gets spoiled. We have a few tricks for you to know before you buy the right one. Here are the most important tips about choosing the best gaming joystick for you. Tip 1: Don’t go for a cheap joystick We all know the feeling when you buy a gaming joystick for your favourite game and you are disappointed because it is not up to the mark. So, avoid buying cheap one when you’re planning to buy one. Find the one that is well crafted and has top quality materials. Make sure that the controller doesn’t feel cheap for you.

The Different Types of Joysticks

Once you have decided on the gaming keyboard for you, you will then need to choose the best gaming joystick for you. It will differ from each person. So which will the best gaming joystick for you be? Let’s have a look. The Wireless/ Wired Version If you have the money and would like to use the keyboard more, then you should go for the wireless option. But in case you don’t have the money, then the wired option is more suitable for you. The difference between wired and wireless is that the wireless one has the main processor and the display device on the controller. That is not the case for wired option. The Upright/ Left-right Option Most of the games allow you to play with just one controller. Most of the popular FPS games are Upright only.

The Benefits of Having a Joystick with a Twist Handle

Truly, there is nothing as satisfying as using a joystick. They are tactile, responsive, unique, well built, have customizable dials, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I’m no stranger to joystick as I am a huge fan of motorized joysticks (in which the center of the stick moves instead of the control dials). But for a gaming mouse and keyboard combo, you might want a standard computer joystick. Click here to continue and read the full article about how to choose the best gaming joystick for your PC. Let’s say you’ve purchased a controller with a D-pad, joysticks, and buttons.


While buying gaming joysticks, one of the most important things to consider is that it must feel right in your hands. When compared to a mouse, a gaming joystick may not seem to be as precise but over a period of time, a gamer will come to realise the advantages of the controller. The big advantage with a controller is that it offers an ergonomic option to keep your hands at a comfortable resting spot. However, before you go ahead with your decision, check with us if we have missed out any important points about selecting a good gaming joystick. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to ask. Also, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends. Have you tried using a gaming joystick? Have you been surprised by your experience with it?

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